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I Am The Lord

"I am the Lord, thou shalt not
Have strange gods before Me."
What in life is my lot?
What on Sundays rather see?

A show, a game, other pleasures?
What would I much rather see
Inside church? Other treasures?
Does the world have hold of me

Even on what is God’s Day?
Have I really then forgot
God’s Commandments?
Lost my way?
Then I say, "I really have not."

These ‘strange gods’
I then embrace
Their pleasures I would taste
I think that life is long!
To whom do I belong?

At the end of this my life
And the end of this my strife,
What will my judgment be?
What will my angel see -

Disobedience to God’s Law
Or a future filled with awe
At the justice of our God
As I lived upon this sod?

My God I choose but You
In all that I may do,
The world holds me not in sway
But I live in Your ‘True Way.’

I obey Your ‘First Command’
As I live upon this land.
The world is not my choice
With all its pomp and noise;

When my life is ended here
I will feel Your Presence near
As You smile with love on me
And Your ‘Heavenly Home’ I’ll see.

The above poem, written by Sister Mary Agatha, O.S.F., is a providential partial examination of conscience for these apostate times.

Reach For Your Rosary When You Drive

Dear Father Nicholas Gruner,

Some time ago you requested prayers for your mission of Our Lady. I promised you 100 Rosaries.

I have an exercycle on which I put 100 miles a week (10 on Sunday and 15 the other days). While I am pedaling the machine, I am praying the Rosary.

Some (most) people when they get in their car turn on the radio. I don’t. Instead, I reach for my Rosary and pray as I drive. Your intentions are included in all of the hundreds of Rosaries I pray, including the ones I pray in church.

It must be 20 years or so ago when my beloved wife Virginia and I were at a function in Chicago. We sat at a table at which you were sitting across from us.

My dearest Virginia passed away about 10 years ago. We also lost two sons, and a saintly daughter, Mary. Love and Prayers,

… Ken S., Rathdrum, ID.

Unity Without Conversion?

Dear Father Gruner,

The United Nations has now a physical foothold at Our Lady of Fatima’s Sanctuary in Fatima (Portugal). They have succeeded to advance the official cause of the United Religions Initiative.

First, there was Assisi. Now we have Fatima; where the Vatican ecumenism has met the UN form of "unity" without conversion of the soul.

But the most troubling observation, easy to make, is the attitude from the Shrine’s rector towards those who are opposed to the "new axis" that Marian World Pilgrimage site has been given.

The perspective and impacts of this recent development are too serious to ignore. They are trying to deceive, even the elect.

Your readers worldwide must be informed of this clever operation.

We are talking about the UN United Religions and the Interfaith Movement of which the 14-point Creed belongs to the counter-Church and in contrast to Our Lady’s demands given to the three children in 1917 (i.e. calls to conversion repentance).

I’m totally opposed to "The Future of God" conference held in October. Curiously, it comes at a time when we had the beautiful and devotional Fatima Peace Conference initiated by you and your team.

Let’s not forget that Satan and his cohorts want to weaken devotion to the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The sin of all sins is that nowadays we don’t need to convert. Just be nice, shake a hand, and let’s work for the common goal: the worship of a foreign god, a New Age god, a god without God Himself.

It would be interesting to find out what Sister Lucy thinks of all this.

… Donald S., Moncton, NB

Consecration of Russia Needs to Be Done Fast!

Hi Father Gruner.

Here in the North we are stuck with the neo-modernists. Very sad that the Mass of Pius V was not kept as is. I am listening to your radio show on the Internet. No. 141 and all other topics about the Mass.

It comes down to this, the battle for the true Mass. It did not change from Luther’s time hundreds of years ago to today. Every time the Mass is touched it seems it could cause a schism.

How come we are at this stage of collapse in the Catholic Church? Well, I say, like you, the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and all bishops needs to be done and fast.

… Vincent, Newfoundland

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