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Faithful Catholics Respond

Yes, there are Faithful Catholics out there. Following are some of the responses to the Press Release the Fatima Center sent in protest about the desecration of Fatima, spoken about in this Issue. For copies of our Press Releases, call or write us or visit "Fatima's News & Views" on our website.

Glad to see someone sees what the New World Order has in store.

Michael R.


I received your Press Release and I strongly urge you to fight this in any way you can — this is another abomination of the apostate newchurch and must be stopped, if at all possible. The poor Catholics caught up in this newchurch and blinded by it must, somehow, be made to see the absolute horror of this sacrilegious act. God bless you in your efforts.

Lori S.


Thank you for letting us know. We were aware of what was happening in Fatima. Please keep us posted. Let us know what we can do to help.

Bill and Bittee B.


Thanks for the press release. I too add my voice to the protest. Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.



I read with much regret the Press Release of 26 November concerning the proposed interfaith stadium beside the Fatima Shrine and I and my wife who had the privilege of visiting the Fatima Shrine in October 2001 would like to join the Fatima Center in its noble endeavor in making certain that Our Lady’s Shrine is not subject to desecration or destruction.

Gilbert T., Nepal, South Asia


Thank you for sending me this article. I think Father Gruner is right in his response to this proposal. Ecumenism, if it means all religions are equal, is contrary to Catholic doctrine. The proposed project, with its tacit assumption that all religions are equal and will have an equal say in creating a one world religion is right in line with what the Antichrist portrayed in the Bible is trying to achieve. I wish Father Gruner every success in opposing this proposal.



Please set up a petition to denounce the interfaith facility at Fatima on your website. I would be among the first to sign it.

S. Feyl

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