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The Abomination:

The Desecration of Fatima

Based on a talk given recently by
Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M. Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)

The Church’s liturgy commemorates the dedication of the Lateran Basilica, the cathedral of the successor of the Apostle St. Peter, and St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, where the tomb of St. Peter, the first vicar of Jesus Christ is located. These monuments are a visible reminder of Our Blessed Lord’s promise given personally to St. Peter, that the "gates of hell" will never prevail against the Church. The Catholic Church therefore is infallible (i.e. She cannot err), and is therefore also indefectible, i.e. cannot ever depart from the divinely revealed truths, and be transformed into a false religion.

Catholic Church will be Persecuted

As Catholics we profess our Faith that the Holy Catholic Church will remain faithful until the end of the world, when Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead.

The Church, however, will be driven underground by violent persecution. A bloody persecution of the Church has been foretold by the Message of Fatima. When this will have taken place, the one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will be forced to revert to the underground catacomb Christianity of the early Church, as in the time of the ancient Roman persecutions.

The Counterfeit Church

It will then falsely appear that the Church has apostatized when the counterfeit church — nominally catholic but in truth a false ecumenical sect of Masonic inspiration — will seem to take the place of the "former" Church.

This is what will be the most dreadful aspect of the Great Chastisement: the apparent demise of traditional Catholicism and its ‘replacement’ by the new ecumenical "Catholic Church", a pan-religious, pan-Christian monstrosity.

This is the ‘Great Apostasy’ foretold in Sacred Scripture and in the Third Secret of Fatima. It is already in the process of taking shape and coming into being — the "House of God" is being desecrated, violated and profaned by ‘Christian’ heresy and pagan idolatry. The desecration of the Church of God is the great abomination foretold in Sacred Scripture.

Awesome is This Place

The Consecration of a church is commemorated in the liturgy with these words, "terribilis est locus iste", terrible is this place. In the proper sense of the word, the Temple of the Lord, His Sanctuary, is a tremendous place, awe-inspiring, where one is induced to understand and experience the fear of the Lord.

November 9 is the Feast of the dedication of the Lateran Basilica, the church of the Savior, where for centuries and centuries, it has been the Cathedral Church of the Roman Pontiff, the Bishop of Rome, who is the Pope of the Universal Church. November 18 is the Feast of the dedication of the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter. And so, commemorating the dedication of these ancient churches, the Church’s liturgy invokes those words "terribilis est locus iste", terrible is this place, because the Church is, as the liturgy tells us, "the House of God and the Gate of Heaven." The Sacred Liturgy reflects the heavenly nature and the sanctification of the Holy Place which is the "House of God and the Gate of Heaven."

Hence, the place is sacred, set apart, and therefore when a church is dedicated, it is consecrated to God: set apart from all that is worldly, all that is profane, all that is pagan, all that is false, heretical or apostate. In ancient times, during the Christianization of the Roman Empire, the temples that had been built for the false gods, rather than being destroyed, were remodeled and made fit places to be the dwelling of God. To be sanctified first by being exorcized of their demons, dedicated to the service of God, and then sanctified by the very presence of Jesus Christ Our Lord. He Who is the incarnate God, comes down in the Blessed Sacrament and confers on the Holy Place the ultimate sanctification and glorification of God.

The glorification of God is one of the most prevalent themes of the Old Testament. Because it is God’s glory to manifest His glory and sanctify His name on Earth, in order to make the human race participate in His holiness, in His sanctity, and in His divine life. And so, God manifests His glory, and brings about the sanctification of all that which is set apart and made sacred, dedicated to the service of God for the sanctification of men.

All Devils Must Leave

When God takes possession of His holy Temple, all the false gods must leave. When the Spaniards came to Mexico, they destroyed the idols, and the image of the Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus was put up in their place. The idols were all knocked down and destroyed, and seemingly by divine intervention, Cortez and his men who did this were unharmed against the multitude of enraged pagans and idolaters.

God’s manifestation of His power through His human instruments has taken place throughout the history of the Catholic Church and the Christianization of the nations. This was the command of Jesus Christ to His Apostles. Just as He was about to ascend into Heaven, He said "go forth and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them all the things that I have instructed you. He who believes and is baptized will be saved, he who does not believe will be condemned. And behold I am with you all days, even until the end of the world." (Mt. 28:19-20; Mk. 16:15-16)

Catholic Church is Indefectible

With this promise, Jesus made it clear that His Church would be indefectible. His Church would remain faithful until the end of the world. God will not permit, He will not allow, that His Church will be totally subverted and taken over by the devil, and be transformed into the church of Antichrist, of Satan, the devil and his angels, the false gods of the pagans.

This is why we know that the great chastisement that Our Lady of Fatima warned us about, is at hand. We read in the Scripture, in the Psalms, that God will not permit that the scepter be kept in the hand of the wicked, lest the just should outstretch their hands to it. God will not permit that His elect will defect into faithlessness, and become infidels.

Our Lord says souls have been given into His hand by His Heavenly Father, and no one can pluck them out of His hand. (Jn. 10:28-29) So Jesus promises that the elect will remain faithful, no matter what may be the appearance of the rest of the Christian world.

Defection of Entire Nations

The defection of entire nations is foretold in the Secret of Fatima. The Third Secret, the third part of that Secret that Our Lady revealed on July 13, 1917, remains hidden because those who have custody of the Secret are the very ones who are indicted by the words of Our Lady of Fatima.

We know this to be the case, that the portion of the Secret that was revealed on June 26, 2000 was a fraud, intentionally presented as the whole Third Secret, because the text that was revealed does not contain the words of Our Lady. The Third Secret, as is well known, properly begins with Our Lady’s words, "In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved," and then the text of the Secret continues after the mysterious word, "etc."

Those are the words of the Secret confided by Our Lady to the children of Fatima, "the words of Our Lady confided as a Secret," referred to in the Vatican press release of February 1960, when they announced that perhaps the Secret would never be revealed, would never be published.

That, of course, is their wish, that it would never be published, because the words of Our Lady confided to the three shepherd children, Lucy, Francisco, and Jacinta, are an indictment of their infidelity. Cardinal Ciappi, who was the Papal Theologian and therefore knew what was the text of the Third Secret, but bound by oath of secrecy, could say no more, except that in the Third Secret of Fatima, "it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top."

A Field Day for Heretics

This is something that we see happening today, before our own eyes. Heretics, for example, are going around and saying not only that the Blessed Virgin did not remain a virgin after the birth of Jesus, but that Her Divine Son Jesus Christ Our Lord lived in the state either of matrimony or something less than matrimony. Something not quite so legitimate as matrimony, as if He had lived in the state of secret marriage.

This is, of course, absolutely preposterous, and need not be refuted at this point, because anyone who has a solid knowledge of Scripture knows very well that such a proposition is not only false, but absolutely ludicrous.

But the response of the American Bishops Conference, this is what I find of interest. This is what should be alarming to anyone, this is a signal that they’ve lost their faith. What was their response? It was something totally noncommittal, if I may paraphrase what they said very clearly: "There seems to be no evidence one way or another from Scripture." And that’s where they left it.

Uphold the divinely revealed truth? No way! The North American Bishops are cowards, at best; and infidels, it would seem to be. If this is not bad enough, let us recall that we’re not talking about the very highest of the levels of the Church when we talk about, after all, the American Bishops. The highest level is the Pope in Rome and those of the Roman Curia who have been delegated to participate in the exercise of the Pope’s supreme authority.

Apostasy of Reprobates to Start in Vatican

The Secret of Fatima tells us, Our Lady tells us, the Mother of God reveals that the great apostasy in the Church will begin from there, from the Vatican. We can therefore surmise, and it has been prophesied down through the ages by the saints, that eventually Rome will be taken over by an Anti-pope, who will be entirely without Catholic faith, entirely heretical,1 unlike the present occupant of the See of Peter, who in his heart wishes to preserve and save the Church, but in his intellect, behaves as if he were the Church’s worst enemy, by promoting the very things which will lead to the destruction of the Church.

Ecumenism and religious liberty were proclaimed by the Second Vatican Council to be something Catholic, something pertaining properly to the Holy Catholic Church. Yet it is very much these same errors which have been so solemnly condemned by the Church — by the Popes of the previous ages. The errors were proclaimed in a non-solemn, non-definitive manner, so even if the Pope, Paul VI at the time, and the bishops of the world attempted to proclaim these errors in the name of the Catholic faith, they did not speak infallibly in the name of Christ.

And although they were abusing their office of Magisterium, it was Our Lord Jesus Christ Who instituted the Church’s teaching Magisterium exclusively to teach the truth. It can therefore never be said that a bishop, a council or even a Pope, exercising his Magisterium, which is exercising his teaching office, if he teaches error, that his pronouncement is somehow belonging to the Magisterium of the Church. It can be likened to when a person reads the Holy Scripture and finds a text in the Bible that he understands to mean something, and accepts that meaning in faith, or so he thinks.

But the very substance of faith is the revealed truth. And if the person makes an error in his understanding of the revealed truth, whether it be of Sacred Scripture or Sacred tradition, a wrong understanding, an erroneous doctrine, is not believed by the virtue of faith because it is by the theological virtue of faith that we are united to God as the primary truth. The very substance of faith is the divine truth, and therefore it is impossible to believe any error in faith. It is the failure of the human mind, of the human intellect, it is not an act of faith to profess an error.

Likewise, when a Pope or bishop exercises his office of Magisterium, if he teaches an error, he has failed in his attempt at exercising his office of Magisterium. Because his teaching is not the Church’s Magisterium, his teaching is his own error.

Present Grievous Errors Taught from the Top

Such is the case of the non-infallible teachings, unfortunately, and most deplorably, even of the Pope today, John Paul II. Two instances stick out in my mind: When the Pope was giving a catechetical instruction on January 11, 1989 he explained the article of the Apostles’ Creed referring to Our Lord Jesus Christ: "He descended into Hell." His explanation of that article, "He descended into Hell", is precisely that teaching which was explicitly condemned by Pope Saint Pius V, in the Catechism of the Council of Trent. That Catechism explains that the article of faith, "He descended into Hell", does not mean that He was buried in the earth, as John Paul II erroneously asserted, because the Creed already professes that He was crucified, died and was buried; and therefore, the Apostles are not going to repeat the same article twice. What this article means is that when Jesus Christ Our Lord died on the cross, while His body was placed in the sepulcher, His soul went to the limbo of the Holy Fathers, which is designated by the general word "Hell" – not the hell of the damned, but the underworld Hell, which was something separate from Heaven. Because until Jesus Christ Our Lord opened the gates of Heaven, none of the souls of the departed could enter Heaven, and they had to be kept in this limbo which is referred to in the Creed as Hell.

The Catechism of the Council of Trent explains that so long as the body of Christ Our Lord was in the sepulcher, His soul was in Hell. On January 11, 1989, Pope John Paul II taught the heresy that when Our Lord died on the cross, His soul went to Heaven, straight to Heaven. This is heresy, one cannot profess this, knowing that it is contrary to the Catholic faith, and still remain a member of the Church.

The only way such a one can remain a member of the Church is if one is so utterly ignorant of his Catholic faith, that he doesn’t know that he is teaching heresy. I leave it to God to judge. But this much we may judge, the Pope does not know his Catholic doctrine.

Then he professed the heresy of Peter Abelard, that the souls in limbo were touched by the power of the grace of Christ. So, Christ descended not in His soul, but in His power, by the power of His grace. This is the condemned heresy, the anathematized teaching of Peter Abelard.

The proposition set forth by John Paul II on January 11, 1989, namely, that the words, "He descended into Hell" mean that Jesus Christ’s descent into hell meant that He was buried in the earth: the Catechism of Pope Saint Pius V declares to be not only an error, but a wicked teaching. This is the teaching of a Catechism promulgated by the great Pope Saint Pius V, which declares plainly and authoritatively that the proposition set forth by John Paul II is not only false and erroneous, but it is a wicked teaching.

Most Grievous Sins Against
God’s First Commandment

The prayer meeting that took place in Assisi is something that merited the Divine vengeance even though God, in His mercy, is still patient. But He manifested His anger in the form of a destructive earthquake shortly after the Pope gathered with the pagans to pray together to his God, and for them to pray to their gods.

The First Commandment says: Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me, yet the Pope invited the pagans to come in and pray to their idols. And the idol of Buddha was placed upon the tabernacle, the consecrated altar, in Assisi. The church was thus desecrated, by this act of pagan worship, in the place that had been dedicated and consecrated to God for the sacred service, the divine service, of the eternal Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, which is the only fit act of worship whereby the divine Victim is offered to the divine Godhead.

The Pope invited all the practitioners of false religions into the sacred Catholic premises to practice all the absurdities and abominations of the mystery of Babylon, in the Holy Place.

The Pope also declared in 1987, to a Jewish gathering in Mainz, Germany, that the Old Testament has not been revoked. "Never revoked by God," to use his own words. Again the Pope spoke heresy. It is the defined teaching of the Catholic Church, solemnly professed at the Council of Florence, that the Old Covenant ended with the coming of Jesus Christ, and the New Testament began.

This is the teaching, after all, of the Apostles, of Saint Paul, who clearly states under divine inspiration in the Scripture that we profess to be the divinely revealed truth, that the Old Covenant came to an end. John Paul II says not so, "never revoked by God."

This is not only the personal heresy of John Paul II, but it is promoted, although cautiously, but nevertheless vigorously promoted by the Vatican, what we can truly call today ‘apostate Rome’.

Our Lady of La Salette said, "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist." Catholic nations that were subject to the law of God and in which the Catholic Church was the legally established Church, have become secularized, due to the diplomatic pressures of the Vatican. John Paul II proclaims separation of Church and State, and the Vatican vigorously promotes that abominable error.2

Pope Saint Pius X, on the other hand, condemned the Doctrine of Separation of Church and State and pointed out that the error of separation of Church and State has been repeatedly condemned by the Popes, in season and out.3

The Desecration of Fatima

In the name of religious liberty, Vatican II teaches that all have the right to openly and publicly profess their religion, according to their conscience, whatever that religion may be — in accordance with these condemned and abominable teachings, the liberty of conscience, religious liberty, and ecumenism, they would even desecrate the place where Our Lady came, in Fatima, which the Mother of God sanctified with Her presence. They will desecrate that holy place with paganism. The Vatican intends to allow that place to be turned into a diabolical ‘sanctuary’ of paganism.

Now they want to make it a ‘sanctuary’ – or so they call it, it’s a contradiction in terms – for all religions; where all religions can unite. This is precisely the thing that Our Lady wants to save the world from. This, after all, is the great apostasy foretold in the Third Secret of Fatima. And now the Vatican would allow the transformation of that holy place into a sanctuary for the apostasy.

Example of Saint Columbanus

How diametrically opposed is their program to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The saints went forth to Christianize the world, and they condemned the idolatry of the pagans. The Roman Empire was not Christianized through dialogue, but through the bold preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the fearless denunciation of the abomination of paganism. And then when the Roman Empire collapsed, and it was filled with pagan barbarians, again it was the saints who understood the nature of their priestly calling, and they went forth from the monasteries and re-Christianized a de-Christianized Europe.

Saint Columbanus left Ireland and traveled through Europe establishing monasteries, and his disciples established monasteries. And those places became the great Catholic centers of Europe. If the monks had not wandered over Europe, brought the Scriptures with them, the Roman Empire having been overthrown, Christianity, with it, would have died with that Empire.

But by Divine Providence, when everything was being destroyed by the barbarians, throughout the former Empire; all the treasures of Latin culture, Latin literature, and the sacred learning, were concentrated in Ireland.

And the monks from Egypt, and many of those faraway places in the near East, fled and took refuge in Ireland. And from there the monks went forth and re-Christianized Europe, which had now been overrun with pagan barbarians. They did not dialogue with the worshipers of Thor, and the other false gods, they preached the Gospel vigorously and turned the people away from the errors of their idolatry.

The bishops of the Roman Church stayed in the comfort of their palaces with a few remaining officials of the former Empire, the nobility of the Empire that existed no longer in the West. They did not venture out to preach to the pagans, to the barbarians, they were content to stay home and live in comfort.

The monks understood that it was their duty as priests of Jesus Christ to baptize the nations; to rescue them from idolatry. Saint Columbanus founded monasteries, he and his monks preached all over what is today France, Germany, and Austria, and they went as far as Kiev. What was the reward he received? He was summoned in the year 603 to appear before a synod of bishops, because those who called themselves the legitimate pastors had not authorized him to do this.

It’s like he was not incardinated in one of their dioceses, not authorized by them, the local bishops, and therefore they considered him to be illegitimate, irregular. Saint Columbanus understood, however, that the priesthood is a divine calling. The priest does not merely serve at the pleasure of the bishop – he has been sent by Jesus Christ.

The priest cannot simply remain silent because the bishop says "I don’t want you to preach anymore." "Why not?" "Because I don’t like you."

Error from Anyone Must be Resisted

If the priest is teaching some heresy, then the bishop has the authority to stop him. But if the bishop and the upper hierarchy in Rome are promoting heresy and error and abominations, then the priest, all the more, has the duty to combat the error. As Saint Robert Bellarmine says, the Pope, if he is attacking the faith, must be resisted: and the divinely appointed instrument for resisting error is the preaching of the Holy Gospel.

It matters not if the Pope is maliciously trying to destroy the faith, or if in his ignorance unwittingly is doing that. The Church teaches us that he must be resisted if he is creating a danger for the faith.

The danger for the faith at the time of Saint Columbanus was the total failure on the part of great majority of the hierarchy to obey the divine command: "go forth and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." (Mt. 28:19) Nearly all the bishops seemed to think that that command did not apply to them.

But, they were the successors of the Apostles and they did have that duty, and they were not carrying it out. It was the Celtic monks who took that command seriously, under the leadership of saints like Columbanus, and they were going to be punished for carrying out their duty before God, for obedience to the divine command.

And so, Saint Columbanus did not show up for the summons commanded by the authority of the bishops of the Catholic Church to appear and answer to the charges made against him. He answered with a letter, as Thomas Cahill relates:

"Columbanus, who cannot be bothered to take part in such a travesty, sends a letter in his stead — a letter calculated to send the bishops right up their well-plastered walls:

‘To the holy lords and fathers — or, better, brothers — in Christ, the bishops, priests, and remaining orders of holy Church, I, Columba the sinner, send greeting in Christ.

‘I give thanks to my God that for my sake so many holy men have gathered together to treat of the truth of faith and good works, and, as befits such, to judge of the matters under dispute with a just judgment, through senses sharpened to the discernment of good and evil. Would that you did so more often!’."4

And, of course, he ignored the summons and continued the divine work of the evangelization of the pagans.

Present Day Errors of High Placed Churchmen

The Conciliar Church has replaced proselytism with ecumenical dialogue — they have rejected the divine command to "make disciples of all nations." (Mt. 28:19)

The heresy of the Conciliar Church is to view all religions as good, and therefore as true religions, but imperfect and professing errors. The Catholic faith admits that there is only one true Church, one true faith, and one true religion. All other religions are false. Outside the Church there are only heretics, infidels and pagans. The apostasy in the Church, as foretold by Our Lady of Fatima, stands before us in the abomination of the ecumenical mingling of the sacred religion of Christ with the abomination of paganism. The apostasy is precisely this: the attempt to unite all religions together in one great paganized church. This is what Sacred Scripture calls the abomination, the mystery of Babylon.

This kind of iniquity is being promoted by the Vatican, and by many of the bishops; they are going to transform the sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima into a pagan shrine. She Who is more terrible than an army arrayed for battle; Whose Immaculate Heart will triumph, will triumph over the paganized iniquity that apostate Rome would try to erect. It is precisely at the place where She revealed the mystery of iniquity in our time where they intend to promote the abominations of pagan iniquity.

They would turn that holy place into a sanctuary of the devil, of the false gods who, the Scripture says, are devils; the place where all the false gods will be worshiped together with Jesus Christ Our Lord. "Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me." As Catholics, we can only stand up and denounce this as an heretical abomination, as an act of apostasy. The true religion cannot be practiced together with false religions.

We Must Actively Resist Apostasy

Those who promote or participate in such an abomination have lost all moral right to exercise any authority against those who still have the Catholic faith; those who will not join them in apostasy. And those of us who understand it, whether we are priests or lay people, we have the duty to resist. To resist the pastors, to resist the bishops, and if it’s promoted by the Pope, to resist the Pope himself, because we are commanded by God to hold fast to the Catholic faith, inviolate and entire: "Integral and inviolate", because the Creed tells us that unless we preserve our faith, integral and uncontaminated, we will perish for eternity.

Especially those who are ministers of the Holy Gospel, it is their duty to denounce the abomination, to condemn it unconditionally and clearly. Because, as we know from the Message of Fatima, the apostasy will begin from the top, from the Vatican. And eventually from an anti-Pope who will openly proclaim the paganized mystery of Babylon as the counterfeit Catholic Church. It will be Catholic in name, it will be pagan in its very essence.

Bloody Persecution Just Around the Corner

We see that transformation already taking place. And when it crystalizes, takes its form, then the bloody persecution, the mass extermination of Catholics, will take place. And Our Lady’s words will be fulfilled: "the good will be martyred, the Holy Father (the true Pope) will have much to suffer." Our Lady of Fatima says, "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me."

By that act of consecration, Russia will be transformed from being an instrument of persecution to an instrument of upholding and saving the Catholic Church and the Catholic faith from the pagan iniquity that has undermined the Church of Rome. The Russian Orthodox, even today, unflinchingly refuse any dialogue with the Roman Church, because they see that the Roman Church is being paganized.

They will not even suffer a minor change of wording in the prayers of their liturgy. That for them is anathema. When they see the protestantization and the paganization of the Roman Church, they tremble.

When the Pope consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, when Russia becomes Catholic, then it will be truly Holy Russia, a Catholic Russia, a traditional, uncompromising, implacable enemy of the errors of Vatican II, that will save us from the iniquity of paganism that threatens to drown what was once called Christendom.


1. St. Francis of Assissi: “There will be an uncanonically elected pope who will cause a great schism, there will be divers thoughts preached which will cause many, in even those in different orders to doubt yea, even agree with those heretics, which will cause my order to divide, there will be such universal dissensions and persecutions that if those days were not shortened even the elect will be lost.” Reverend Gerald Culleton, from The Reign of Anti-Christ, p. 130.

2. cf. Abbé Daniel le Roux, Peter Lovest Thou Me; Victoria (Australia), 1989, pp. 20-30.

3. Ibid, p. 28: “…the Roman Pontiffs have, in season and out, refuted and condemned the doctrine of the separation of the Church and State…” St. Pius X in Vehementer, Feb. 11, 1906.

4. Thomas Cahill, How the Irish Saved Civilization, New York, 1995, pp. 188-189.


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