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SARS and Communion in the Hand

Reported by Joanna Swords, Volunteer Outreach

The recent outbreak of SARS was a gift from hell for those who have been trying for years to prevent the Catholic faithful from receiving Communion on the tongue.

The Chancery Office of the Archdiocese of Toronto issued an unprecedented letter to the priests of the diocese, stating that "the Cardinal has mandated the following liturgical directives for the time being":

    "The faithful are to receive the Body of Christ in the hand, not on the tongue."

When priests began denying parishioners Communion on the tongue, our phones started ringing.

We received numerous heart breaking calls from people; but the most distressing involved children — stories of young ones making their First Holy Communion and being forced to take Communion in the hand.

Never in the history of the Church has Communion on the tongue been forbidden — least of all for such a reason as "possibly catching a disease". Not even during the Black Plague, which killed hundreds of thousands of people, has such a mandate been given.

Until the consecration of Russia is done, these incidents — so indicative of the growing crisis within the Church — will continue to multiply.

When enough Catholics do what Our Lady of Fatima asked, then the graces will be given for the Holy Father and the Bishops to do the consecration of Russia.

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