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Fatima Crusader Mail

Dear Father Gruner...

"You carry a heavy cross but Heaven supports you"

I am writing to console you in your time of crisis. Not only are you carrying a heavy cross, but you can be assured that you have the support you need from Heaven in these three important areas:

1. It is your attackers, not you, who are promoting a subtle heresy by insisting that everything the Pope says or does — or fails to do — is an act of Divine Providence, that must never be questioned, and that furthermore all the bureaucrats in the Vatican enjoy the same guarantee of inerrancy. You are helping the Church by proving that this is not the case and that papal infallibility is by no means the same thing as papal inerrancy.

2. You are helping the Church by using logic to prove that the Consecration of Russia has not been made, and that the Church can never compel us to accept anything offensive to reason. Did not the First Vatican Council make this perfectly clear?

3. You are helping not only the Church but the world itself by reminding us that the United Nations can never be a substitute for Our Lady and Her Immaculate Heart, and that it is SHE, and not the U.N. or any New World Order, who will bring peace to the earth once Her Heart triumphs. May that day come soon!

... Father G., Oregon, U.S.

"False propaganda flooding the world from the Vatican"

Thank you very much for the way you are insisting that the Consecration of Russia is not made correctly yet to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Many people, including Bishops, are persuaded that it is done correctly by the false propaganda that some of the Vatican officials are flooding the world with.

May I include a copy of our poor effort to prove that it is not made correctly yet and how to overcome the opposition etc. that we are now facing as a result of this false propaganda? May we enclose also $100 to help to defeat this false propaganda and to have the correct Consecration of Russia made soon? May we have three copies of each of The Fatima Crusader issues 67 and 68, also 30-40 copies of The Fatima Crusader issue 69 as we want to spread the evidence of why the Consecration of Russia is not made correctly yet and thereby the world violence, persecution, etc., etc. is spreading daily? Could you please send a few copies of 69 quickly or by air mail before the rest as we need them urgently?

Many thanks and prayers from St. Joseph’s Crusade.

... Brian M., Tom S., St. Joseph's Crusade, Ireland

"You are persecuted because you are doing God’s work."

I am not surprised that you are persecuted, but I AM saddened. You are severely persecuted because you are doing God's work. And you are promoting Jesus’ Mother. People are not stupid or ignorant. They know that what Fr. Kramer is saying you have said before, but not in such detail, not as forcefully. He has pulled out all the stops. Your enemies know that you are the pioneer architect of the whole book, The Devil's Final Battle.

At our Knights of Columbus and the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood meetings, another Bro. Knight and I are promoting these books — The Devil's Final Battle. They are going like hot cakes. I have sent my petition and a personal letter to Bishop Stanislaw Dziwisz. Other Bro. Knights will do the same.

But in 1953, I heard Fr. Urosolf speak in Saskatchewan. He was a Jesuit of the Russian rite. He hailed from Russian nobility. He told us in perfect English as to how the Communists have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church. My question is — why wasn't something done about it to have their infiltrators removed and punished? Our leader told me how angry he is as to why nothing was done about it, especially in the U.S.

With many blessings,

... Fr. Methodius, Sask., Canada

"Florida consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary"

Dear Mrs. Dyche (Devotee of Our Lady),

I am in receipt of your letter concerning the consecration of the State of Florida to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That consecration was done on behalf of all the bishops of Florida by me last month in Tallahassee within a special Mass. The Governor and the First Lady participated in the Mass and Consecration.

I am grateful for your interest in this matter. Please be assured of my prayers and best wishes.

... Most Reverend John H. Ricard, SSJ., Bishop of Pensacola, Tallahassee, Florida

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