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In this Current Crisis in the World and the Church:

God Calls Upon Us To Be Saints

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Dear friends of Our Blessed Mother in Heaven,

As we reflect upon the state of the world and the Catholic Church, a bleak picture emerges. If we do not look upon this time as one in which God is calling us to be great saints, we might be tempted to discouragement or even worse.

The virtue of hope does not consist of not being aware of reality and not seeing evil and its ever present and growing threat to us, to our families and above all to our souls. We must recognize that apostasy is rampant today here and abroad.

As we look around us, we see that even priests and bishops and Cardinals seek to blot out a proper full response to the promises and requests of Our Lady of Fatima. There are so many sacrileges and outrages committed towards the Blessed Sacrament by Catholic clergy and laity.

These and many other outrages against God cannot be tolerated by God much longer. The Great Chastisement, spoken of in the Third Secret, is already upon us (See “The Impending Great Chastisement Revealed in the Third Secret - Part II” by Father Paul Kramer), but it will come to full bloom in the not too distant future unless the miraculous conversion of mankind takes place soon.

Although God gives us time while He holds back the chastisement, we should do all we can to obey and get others to obey Our Lady of Fatima as soon as humanly possible. Do not be deterred by anyone, no matter what rank or what group they claim to belong to — we must obey Our Lady of Fatima. (See “The Church’s Obligation to Believe and Obey Our Lady of Fatima”.)

We must receive Holy Communion properly, on our knees and on the tongue (see “The Truth About Communion in the Hand” by John Vennari). We should also make frequent use of the Sacrament of Penance. If anyone has a mortal sin on his soul, he must first confess it and be absolved and resolved not to commit any mortal sins again.

Of course, because of the weakness in our human nature, we need actual graces to not be overcome by sin — we need especially the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We must ask Her to pray for us. Her intercession is necessary for our salvation. We must realize that and cultivate our devotion to Her. (See “The Necessity of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for our Salvation” by St. Alphonsus.)

Do not be taken in by old errors against Our Lady by non-Catholics or even by priests, regardless of how pious or not they appear to be. (See “Catholic Answers to Protestant Misunderstandings”.)

Sometimes we may feel helpless or that whatever we do, it can’t count for much. So we might decide to do nothing since the world’s march toward the abyss of corruption seems inexorable. A large number of leaders of society and of the Church often seem ill witted and ill fitted to do their job and thus some of us might be tempted to give up, do nothing and say “whatever little I can do is just a drop in the bucket.”

You must not think that way. You must reinvigorate your faith. You must realize that God has chosen you personally to do a special work for Him at this time. You must do your part to save your soul from hell.

You must help others, by your prayers, by your example and by your sacrifices and your offerings to God and Our Lady to win the graces necessary for the conversion of sinners, for the sanctification of the priests and bishops and Cardinals. You must pray much and sacrifice for the Pope to soon obey Our Lord and Our Lady in all Their Fatima requests, especially the proper Consecration of Russia.

What one soul can do, one little soul like you, is shown in the life and teachings of the Little Flower. You too can reach the heights of sanctity by following St. Thérèse’s example. Do all that you do, do it well, and do it for the love of God.

If you do great things, but with no love of God, it is empty and nothing. If you do little things (or even great things) for the love of God, then you are really doing marvels, for in God’s sight, nothing is small if done for love of Him.

The little way of St. Thérèse was also taught to the three children of Fatima. St. Michael told them that “The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplication.” When He told them to offer up prayers and sacrifices to the Most High God, Lucy asked how they were to make sacrifices.

The Angel said: “Let everything you do be a sacrifice but, above all, accept all the sufferings God sends you as a sacrifice.” St. Thérèse and the Fatima children show the way. (See “St. Thérèse of Lisieux” by Bernadette Vesco.)

In the last vision of Our Lady of Fatima at Tuy, when Our Lady came in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, Jesus was on the cross, over the altar. God the Father received His sacrifice and the Holy Ghost gave grace as a result of the sacrifice. From the side of Jesus, as the result of His sacrifice, came forth the Most Blessed Sacrament.

This vision shows Our Lady attending to Her Divine Son on the cross and giving a message to mankind. “The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father to make and to order all the Catholic bishops of the world to make the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, God promising to save Russia by this means.” (See photo of our painting depicting the Vision of Tuy.)

This vision is an invitation to all to pray and especially attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass devoutly, especially by offering up our sacrifices in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is the same sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. It is the re-presentation of the sacrifice of Jesus on Mount Calvary.

How to pray the Mass more effectively, more efficaciously, is outlined in the article, “The Most Perfect Act of Worship by Marie Corpe.

Let us then do our part. Let us draw upon the infinite merits of Jesus and Mary. Let us join our sacrifices with His sacrifice so as to make our little offerings worthy in God’s sight by offering them through the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

And let us not ever forget the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary. These are very, very critical times we are living through. A great crisis in the world and the Church is predicted in the Third Secret and may soon befall us. (Read what Father Jose dos Santos Valinho — the nephew of Sister Lucy — recently said on nationwide Italian TV; see “Sister Lucy’s Nephew Speaks Out”.) Please resolve to add one more daily Rosary to fortify yourself to survive, above all spiritually, in the days ahead. Pray the Rosary also for your loved ones and those you meet on your road to sainthood. Pray it for the grace of final perseverance and for the graces you will need to help bring about the triumph of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima.

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