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Why Peace is Up to YOU!

by Coralie Graham, Editor

This brief article is another answer to the question of how is World Peace up to you. It has been demonstrated in the book The Devil’s Final Battle that the world is being held ransom by a handful of men in the Vatican who stubbornly refuse to even try to do what Our Lady of Fatima requested of the Pope and the bishops: that is, to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

If it were only a handful of bishops, we could ignore these 4 or 5 unimportant people. However, because of the position, prestige, power and influence of these men at the Vatican, they seem to have obstructed the Pope from either knowing enough about this request, or have obstructed him from doing the Consecration itself.

They have been able to do this not because they are more powerful than the Pope, but because they have control of the channels of information that the Pope receives. It is similar to the tragedy that took place under Pope Pius XI when the Pope signed a decree which basically betrayed the Cristeros of Mexico. As a result, thousands of these faithful Catholics in Mexico, to a man, were slaughtered and hung from lamp posts because the Pope was given false information about the Cristeros and their cause. Pope Pius XI made an enormous, tragic error because he received deceitful and false information on a matter of grave importance.

The Catholic World is at Risk

Today it is not the Cristeros who are to be strung up on lamp posts, but the whole Catholic world that is at risk because of those in the Vatican who advise the Pope not to consecrate Russia. And we know he receives such bad advice. The November, 2000 issue of Inside the Vatican reported the words of a leading Cardinal, identified only as “one of the Pope’s closest advisors,” who was quoted to the effect that “Rome fears the Russian Orthodox might regard it as an ‘offense’ if Rome were to make specific mention of Russia in such a prayer, as if Russia, especially, is in need of help when the whole world, including the post-Christian West, faces profound problems.” The same Cardinal-advisor added: “Let us beware of becoming too literal-minded.” In other words, the Cardinal advises the Pope not to take the words of Our Lady too literally. This “advisor”, in effect, claims to know better than the Mother of God.

With “close advisors” like these, who needs enemies!

Our Lord, speaking to Sister Lucy in August 1931, told us what we must do in face of the obstinacy of the Pope’s ministers and Christ’s ministers who refuse to obey and who obstruct this most important Fatima request. He said: “It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.” That is why it is so necessary to have a Rosary Crusade for all of us to do our part — to pray with it and to promote it with your friends and neighbors. Because the hour is extremely late, as you will see in Father Paul Kramer’s article “The Impending Great Chastisement Revealed in the Third Secret” in this issue.

You also need to be informed about the strategy and tactics of those Vatican bureaucrats as they are exposed for all to see in the superbly-documented new book The Devil’s Final Battle (see ad in “Your Life May Depend On It” and the book reviews “God Does Not Waste Miracles” and “In the Midst of the Great Apostasy”).

That is why it is up to you to pray and to tell others about the only way we will be delivered from the otherwise certain chastisements about to befall mankind.


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