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Letters to the Editor

Write us and tell us what is happening in your country, in your town. Due to the escalating persecution and pressure put upon Catholics willing to speak out and defend our Catholic Faith and Our Lady of Fatima, the editor has chosen to eliminate the full names of those who may be endangered. Share your stories with Our Lady’s readers, and we ask all to keep Our Lady’s dear ones in your prayers and your Rosaries.

Millions Will Die
Cities Destroyed
Children Hurt

Dear Father Gruner,

I am sorry for taking so long to answer your letter, and also to thank you for all the information you sent me about Our Lady of Fatima.

The situation in the world in general, including the priests in particular, take the risk of exploding sooner or later.

Our people are wondering, “where are we going?”

America is threatening Iraq over and over, and Israel is making noise. If for some reason the war is declared with Iraq, millions of people will die, cities will be destroyed, and children will be hurt. Who will be blamed? America.

Allow me to thank you for all your activity and time to warn the people to keep praying to God and Our Lady of Fatima to put an end to this war.

I am very happy to tell you that the people here still have faith in the Virgin Mary.

It is a regular tradition in our literature to talk and practice a good Faith. Faith gets us through bad times and aggravation.

I sincerely and deeply thank you in the name of the Lord.

Bishop Emeritus, Lebanon

Oppressed by anti-Christian Government,
Priests and Nuns fear to Distribute Catholic Literature

Dear Father Gruner,

Months have passed so quickly since your Peace Conference. You did splendidly well. Because of your success, you had to face some opponents. But that should never discourage you. Rome also has not understood your apostolate.

The devil is around us. You have not committed any heresy; on the contrary, you have promoted the devotion to Our Lady during these days of contempt against Her.

Even in my own parish, lots of sectarian groups have gone away from the Church and formed Pentecostal groups, and their only business is to speak against Our Lady and statues.

Our Government goes anti-Christian and, of course, anti-Mary. Framed laws, which frighten priests, nuns and us. We are scared even to distribute the printed leaflets and books to the people at large. Even distribution of holy pictures and rosaries also may be banned by the government. You have rightly understood our problem here.

But this law does not deter us from our apostolate of preaching. I pray for you and you must continue your good work more vigorously as you grow older and weaker. You are blessed with sincere hard working staff and helpers. I request your prayers very much.

Thanking you and with best wishes,

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Father M.,

The Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular
Saved Father and Brother

Dear Father Gruner,

I’ll share a story with you about the Brown Scapular. Last January, my brother was coming home from work, it was stormy, the roads weren’t very nice. He was late. My mom was getting worried. I thought he was working overtime and everything was okay. But my mom was insisting something was wrong. She was right. Not long after we had a phone call. It was my brother, he had just been in a car accident with an 18-wheeler. His car was completely destroyed, but he came out of it without a scratch. He didn’t even have whiplash the following days. He was wearing his scapular. He never goes without it and he was saying his Rosary at the same time. So we know Who saved him.

The police couldn’t understand how he came out of it uninjured. And then, a couple of weeks later, it was my dad. He got into an accident with another car. The vehicles were destroyed and he also was not injured. He, too, was wearing his scapular. Just thought you would like to read this.

F. Hope, ON, Canada

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