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God Does Not Waste Miracles

by David Allen White, Ph.D.

Note: The following is a book review of the new book The Devil’s Final Battle, compiled and edited by Father Paul Kramer. Dr. David Allen White is Professor of Literature at Annapolis Naval Academy and is the author of the books Shakespeare A-Z and The Mouth Of The Lion.

God sends His signs and miracles sparingly. In the Gospel according to St. John, a royal official of Capharnaum whose son is at the point of death comes to Our Lord and implores that He heal the boy. Our Lord admonishes the man by saying, “Unless you see signs and wonders, you do not believe” and then effects the requested cure, the cure that also confirms the official and all his household in faith.

Today we may think it odd that so few who lived when Christ walked the earth and witnessed or heard of the extraordinary miracles He enacted, became His followers. Our Lord’s admonishment speaks to our human weakness: we demand signs and wonders but these are no guarantee that we will turn our hearts to God.

If we consider the account in Exodus of the contest between Moses and the Pharao, the point is again clear. Moses is fearful that the children of Israel will not believe that God has appeared to him. God says He will provide signs so that the people will believe: the transformation of the rod to the serpent and back, and Moses’ hand being changed from whole to leprous and back. Moses shows these signs to the people and they believe.

Pharao is a harder case. He refuses to act on the will of God to free the people of Israel. He then witnesses the miracle of the rod changing into the serpent, but finds his own magicians who can perform a like wonder. The sign does not touch him, for God has hardened his heart, we are told. Then Moses changes the waters of Egypt to blood and Pharao is still unmoved. Then God sends more punishments on the land as signs — the plagues of frogs, sciniphs, flies, the murrain of the beasts, boils, hail, locusts. Pharao both hardens his own heart, we learn, and has his heart hardened by God, a perfect balance between God's providential design and free will. But still he refuses to do God’s will and let the children of Israel go. Then God sends the great darkness on the land of Egypt and the terrible punishment of the death of the firstborn. The Pharao permits his land to be devastated by punishment before he will comply with a clear request from God.

These thoughts come to mind after reading a chilling but compelling new book, The Devil’s Final Battle, edited and compiled by Father Paul Kramer. The very first chapter of this landmark work in recent Catholic thought states very clearly, “God does not waste miracles. Throughout salvation history — from Joshua, to Moses, to the Twelve Apostles, to the saints of the Catholic Church down through the centuries — God has granted miracles for one overriding purpose: to serve as a divine credential for a witness who invokes the miracle in His name. When God chooses a witness, and then associates an authentic miracle with the testimony of that witness, we can know for certain that the witness is worthy of belief.” (p. 5)

The Sun Danced

The miracle being spoken of is a miraculous event of our own time — the Miracle of the Sun that took place on October 13, 1917 in Fatima, Portugal; the witness is Sister Lucy. This miracle was an extraordinary event, certainly the most astonishing occurrence of the 20th Century, one that puts in the shade such puny human accomplishments as a walk on the moon or the invention of a picture box for the living room.

Tens of thousands gathered as they had been told that there would be a sign from Heaven visible that day. As they watched, the sun, which they could view without any problem, suddenly began to twirl in the sky like a pinwheel, changing colors as it moved. It then seemed to dislodge from its usual sphere and begin hurtling toward earth, directly at the assembled multitude. They screamed and fell to the ground, only to look up and see the sun back in its usual place and shining in its usual way. Their clothes and the ground were now miraculously dry.

The Devil’s Final Battle begins with this amazing miracle and then goes on to make a brilliant connection between this most significant event in Catholic Church history (and thus in the history of mankind) and the other defining moment in the history of Holy Mother Church in the 20th Century — the Second Vatican Council. If the Miracle of the Sun is a great sign from God to seal the veracity of the testimony and requests of Heaven as reported by the witness of Sister Lucy, then the Second Vatican Council may be seen as the triumph of Pharao in the Church, the temporary victory of a group of rulers who have had their hearts hardened by God and who have hardened their own hearts.

The current crisis, the ongoing chaos that rocks the Catholic Church and the world, can then in this context be very simply understood — it is the punishment from God because of the refusal of those in authority to comply with the will of Heaven as expressed by a certified witness. Are we at the beginning of our plagues? Are worse punishments ahead? Do we face darkness and death?

Fatima vs. the Powers of Darkness

The history of Fatima should be well known to most Catholics. The great work on the subject is the three-volume study by Frère Michel of the Holy Trinity, The Whole Truth About Fatima, a comprehensive study. In this new book, Father Kramer begins from two vantage points — the first the Miracle of the Sun that is described in detail, along with a series of stunning first-person accounts of eyewitnesses to the event. He also chronicles the opposition that surfaced from the beginning of the Fatima appearances. He recounts the antagonism shown at the time by Arturo de Oliveira Santos, the Mayor of Ourem, the county seat to which Fatima belongs. Arturo Santos was not only the Mayor of Ourem but also the president of Ourem’s newly-founded Masonic lodge. His anti-Catholic fervor had begun to show results with fewer Catholics attending Mass, an increased divorce rate and a declining birth rate. In the midst of the monthly apparitions, on August 11, 1917, the Mayor of Ourem demanded that the three young visionaries, Lucy, Jacinta and Francisco, be made to stand trial to expose their falsehood. This furious rage at the messages being reported by the children drove the man to threaten the children with a horrible death — boiling in oil — unless they admitted to being liars.

The fierce opposition to the Church manifested in such behavior exposes the profound hatred of the Masons to Holy Mother Church. The book follows this antagonism through the Masonic movement as well as the open opposition of the communist party in many countries around the world at the dawn of the 20th Century. Freemasonry had expressed their purpose quite explicitly in the notorious Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, a precise and practical agenda for the destruction of the Catholic Church. Testimony from those who deserted the Communist ranks, such as Douglas Hyde, Bella Dodd and ex-KGB officer Anatoliy Golitsyn, makes clear that the Communists had their own agenda for the destruction of the Catholic Church. That the two groups worked together in realizing their nefarious goals cannot be doubted. Especially alarming is their intention to succeed in this destruction by placing their supporters within the Church where they could more easily undermine the venerable institution.

The point becomes fairly evident — the hatred of the Church by the ever-strengthening forces of the Masons and the Communists became a hatred of the traditions and the dogmas and the doctrines of the Church by many of the very churchmen charged with protecting and passing on those very pillars of the Faith. When the messages from Fatima and the accompanying commands reached these authorities, they showed little interest. Over time, their successors would mount fierce opposition. Yet seeking to hide this opposition from the general public, they undermined Our Lady’s Message while pretending to love and honor Her. But as all the evidence shows, they came to hate the messages and requests of Fatima with the same vehemence first exhibited by the Mayor of Ourem. In fact, in their deranged minds and twisted souls, to subvert the desires of Heaven as expressed to the visionaries would be the best way to subvert the Church.

The Devil’s Final Battle follows with precise detail and convincing documentation the dual paths of the Fatima messages and the undermining of the Church until the two meet at the time of the Second Vatican Council. Looking back from the perspective of the previous forty years, any sane observer could only conclude that the so-called “new Pentecost” of that ecumenical council in the early sixties was nothing other than a deliberate and devastating assault on the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith. There is no need to do a complete compilation of the ruin upon ruin heaped up by the reforms of the Council and the subsequent dismantling of every aspect of the Traditional Catholic Faith and its beliefs and rites. One need only walk down the block to the closed local parish church or the new ecumenical worship space, or ask a few basic questions of a young person taught in the classroom of a “Catholic” school, or look at the flamboyant presbyters being turned out by the local seminary, or visit the wicca retreat at the local convent. The Catholic Faith as a leavening presence in the world has been destroyed almost everywhere.

The Third Secret Suppressed

If the Second Vatican Council was the bomb launched at the heart of the Church, the apparitions and messages of Fatima were meant to be the shelter. The book documents the process by which Sister Lucy transcribed the third part of the message from Fatima and the process of its transfer to Rome. The first two parts of the message had been made public. The directive concerning the third could not have been clearer. When Bishop da Silva of Leiria, not wishing the burden of knowledge, refused to read the contents of the sealed envelope, Sister Lucy asked him to promise her that, in the words of Canon Galamba as quoted in the book, “it would definitely be opened and read to the world either at her death or in 1960, whichever would come first”.

The Vatican instead decided to suppress the document. There can be little doubt that the message concerns apostasy in the Church, this volume presents very convincing evidence. To have revealed it according to the clear design of Heaven would have changed the course of the Council and the subsequent history of the Church for the remainder of the century. The bomb would have been defused or the faithful could have had a place of shelter from which to fight back against the enemy.

The message being suppressed, the Second Vatican Council went forward. As it went forward, the official attacks from Rome on the Fatima Message increased:

“Although the Church recognizes the Fatima apparitions” said the anonymous Vatican 1960 press release announcing that the Pope would not release the Third Secret, “She does not pledge herself to guarantee the veracity of the words which the three shepherds claim to have heard from Our Lady”.

The author of the book comments:

“Claim to have heard? Could there be any doubt about the veracity of their testimony after the Miracle of the Sun? Could there be any question that they had been given an authentic prophecy from Heaven in view of the complete fulfillment of every prediction in the message thus far — from the imminent end of World War I, to the spread of Russia's errors, to World War II and the election of Pius XI? (p. 50)

This was but the beginning of the attacks. From questioning the veracity of the seers, the Vatican authorities moved on to silence Sister Lucy and to bar from public access and public view the 5,000 documents in 24 volumes which Father Alonso compiled between 1965 and 1976. The book states: “The crime had begun.” If Sister Lucy had stated that the third part of the Secret should be revealed in 1960 because it “would be clearer then” that clarity arrived in harsh and painful reality with the Council and its fruits. Those fruits are documented and explained dispassionately under the following headings, each one embodying a weight of error and violated tradition that would over the next forty years weigh on and seem to squeeze the very life out of the Church: “The ‘Errors of Russia’ Infiltrate the Church”; “The Neo-Modernists Triumph at Vatican II”; “A Whole New ‘Orientation’ for the Church”; “The Church ‘Opens’ Herself to ‘Dialogue’ with Communists and Masonic Enemies”; “The Church ‘Reconciles’ Herself with Liberalism”; “The Teaching that the Roman Catholic Church Is Exclusively the One True Church of Christ Is Abandoned”; “The Church No Longer Seeks the Return of Heretics and Schismatics”; “The Social Kingship of Christ Is Abandoned”; “The ‘Civilization of Love’ Replaces the Conversion of Pagans”. A loyal child of Holy Mother Church must read this list and weep. This is what the Church in our time has become; this is the nonsense Her modern Churchmen have proclaimed.

The Demolition of the Bastions

Not content with promulgating these new and outlandish ideas, the Vatican II Church has also labored to destroy any remnant of the Traditional Church and the Traditional Faith. In a chapter entitled “The Demolition of Bastions” we read, as a military commander used to read the lists of the dead after a major battle, the list of destruction wrought by the reformers: “The Destruction of the Liturgy”; “The Destruction of Theology”; “The Demolition of the Church's Soul”. There can be no doubt of the accuracy of the observation that we are witnessing “The Passion of the Church”.

How could the Fatima Message have prevented this? Why does it represent such a threat to the Churchmen of the New Order? A list of the doctrines that have come under fiercest attack in recent years are presented with stunning boldness in the words of the Blessed Mother as spoken to the shepherd children at Fatima:

  • • She spoke of the doctrine of Heaven;
  • • She spoke of the doctrine of Hell;
  • • She showed the children Hell;
  • • She spoke of the doctrine of Purgatory;
  • • She spoke of the doctrine of the Holy Eucharist;
  • • She spoke of the doctrine of the Sacrament of Penance.
  • • And She also spoke, indirectly, of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ when She conveyed Heaven's command that Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart and converted to the Catholic religion — the very thing the Vatican's negotiators described as “outdated ecclesiology” in the Balamand Declaration. (p. 81)
  • One reads this list and its presentation of the Faith of All Time and must conclude with the bold assertion of this remarkable book: “There is a fundamental opposition between the ‘new’ Church ushered in by Vatican II and the Church of all time, as represented by the Message of Fatima.”

    The battle lines are clearly drawn with the Catholic Church of Tradition on one side, a Church shining brightly in all Her glory in the Apparitions and Messages of Fatima and confirmed by the Miracle of the Sun, and the New Order Church of Modernism, a Church of novelties embracing the world and its dark lord and revealed in its scandals and barrenness and apostasy.

    But there can be little doubt: this is a real battle and unlike any warfare the world has ever known. This is a spiritual battle, a cosmic battle, not unlike the battle of the Angels in Heaven when Lucifer first refused to submit.

    Some say because at that time he realized he would be made subservient to a human woman. The war between the devil and the Lady is now in its final stages and in the balance hang millions of souls. We know the outcome; She also has informed us as part of the Fatima Message that in the end “My Immaculate Heart will triumph,” which means we know who will win and who will fall back into hell, defeated and despairing.

    Such teleological certainty, however, does not mean that the struggle will be quick or easy. The ferocity of those holding power in the Vatican today, should make that obvious. They are aggressive and unbending in their opposition; they hate those things that Our Lady of Fatima embodies and expresses. Much of the book documents this antagonism and the lengths to which the purveyors of power in today’s Rome will go to quash the Will of Heaven.

    Misrepresentations and untruths pour forth like pollution muddying a clear stream. The Consecration of Russia has been done, they say, and Russia is converted. The book documents the insanity of such an assertion by documenting the horrors of modern-day Russia, from the highest abortion rate in the world (the average Russian woman having eight abortions during her years of fertility) to the subsequent plummeting birth rate, to the highest rate of alcoholism in the world, to the rise of Satanism, to rampant homosexuality, to being the world center for the distribution of child pornography, to the open assault on the Catholic faithful, the Catholic priesthood and the Catholic Church. These are the fruits of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

    A Public Insult to the Mother of God

    The other major deception occurred in the summer of 2000, when the Vatican supposedly released the third part of the Fatima Secret and provided its own interpretation. The book makes clear that the paper the Vatican put forward containing the Fatima Secret may have been four pages torn from Sister Lucy’s notebook, but it most definitively was not the single sheet on which she wrote the Third Secret sent years before to Rome. The interpretation was also absurd: that the vision of a “bishop in white” walking through a devastated city over many corpses and then himself being shot to death was actually a prophecy of the assassination attempt on John Paul II in 1981.

    Not content with that particular beanball, they pitched a few other curve balls toward the public, including such nonsense as the possibility that Sister Lucy imagined the whole episode after doing spiritual reading and that all Catholic mouths should be shut permanently and never again breathe a word concerning Our Lady of Fatima and Her revelations. Their intent could be discerned even by the most secular of minds and the Los Angeles Times on June 27, 2000, reported on the smoke-and-mirrors announcement with a headline that read, “Catholic Church Unveils Third Secret: The Vatican’s Top Theologian Gently Debunks a Nun’s Account of Her 1917 Vision That Fueled Decades of Speculation.”

    More than the Vatican’s “top theologian” were involved in this public insult to the Catholic faithful, and public insult to the Mother of God. One of the glories of the new book is that it names and thoroughly explores the roles played by each of the four prelates who are quite rightfully lined up as an anti-Fatima cabal. They are Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone and Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos. These prelates have colluded to stifle the Mother of God, to silence Sister Lucy, to obscure the Message of Fatima and to promote a new Church that stands in opposition to all of Catholic Tradition. They deserve to be exposed; they should be forced to answer to the Catholic faithful even before they stand before their Maker and are made to answer to Him. Their opposition puts both world peace and millions of souls in peril.

    The conclusion that this provocative but courageous volume draws is that the decomposition and destruction of the Catholic Church over the last forty years has direct connections with the suppression of the Message of Fatima, a Message that quite obviously warned us of the hijacking of the Church, by liberal ideological terrorists that was about to occur.

    They have had good reason to bury the Secret, to harass those who have kept it before the public eye, to concoct their own false substitute message with a foolish interpretation, a move as damaging as their newly concocted Church has been to the Catholic Faith. They have no interest in what God has willed for His Church and His people as evidenced through centuries of saints and bishops and martyrs and mystics and simple Catholic souls. They are liberals; they know better than the Almighty. They will dismantle the old and construct the new, shatter the stained glass and gut the sanctuaries, trash the rites and impose trendy alternatives. They have no fear of God and thus they have little wisdom; their arrogant schemes have brought us to this sorry state.

    We know the state of the current Church. The Faithful are few in number and their children are apostate, never having learned the Faith in the soul-dead Catholic schools; the hierarchy has quietly supported a plague of perversion unleashed by homosexually-dominated seminaries; the priests have seized the opportunities offered by the protestantized liturgy to display their pathetic and vapid imaginations in debased worship — Elvis masses, pumpkin masses, clown masses, guitar masses, motorcycle masses, star war masses, any mass but the Mass of All Time, the unbloody sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ offered by a devout and holy priest on a real altar as reparation to the Father and for the salvation of mankind. As the number of real Masses has dwindled, the unholy sacrifice of innocent blood on the operating tables of abortion doctors has drenched the world. The Prince of Darkness cannot contain his demonic glee. This is his hour.

    An Essential Book

    This truthful and shattering account of betrayal is appropriately titled. The Devil’s Final Battle is ongoing and the last year has given us hints of what we may yet expect: terrorism and economic collapse, social chaos and cultural horror, madness and despair and death. Our Lady of Fatima predicted “various nations will be annihilated”. We all know we are on the brink of the fulfillment of that harsh vision. And Rome responds by telling us to keep our mouths shut and never again speak of Fatima.

    May God bless Father Kramer and all those other devout Catholic souls who have worked together to produce this superb and essential book.

    By speaking out, they have fired a major salvo in the ongoing battle, and their weapon, this powder keg of Catholic Truth, will surely assist Our Lady’s ultimate victory. Do not sit on the sidelines for you are in the midst of the campaign, as is every soul now living in the world: read this book, share it with your friends. Then do your part as Our Lady’s soldier and supporter and wield the ultimate weapon: grab your Rosary, kneel down and pray for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    That event, when it happens, will be more amazing and will be viewed by more astounded eyes than was the breathtaking Miracle of the Sun.

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