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Concerning An Appeal to Pope John Paul II
“To Whom Shall We Go?”
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)In this issue, following page 32, is our Special Supplement. On pages S3 through S32 of our Special Supplement is one of the most important texts that this Apostolate has ever published. It is a document that conforms perfectly with the 1983 Code of Canon Law, promulgated by Pope John Paul II, which contains provisions for Catholics to seek legal recourse to the Pope in cases of injustices committed by Bishops and Cardinals against those under their jurisdiction. If the Holy Father will not hear these complaints, then “to whom shall we go?” (John 6:69).

The Whole Truth

In compliance with this Code, we present this appeal to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, seeking relief against an abuse of authority by one of his direct and immediate subjects, Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos.

The anomalies for which we file this complaint are outlined fully in the accompanying text. Everything stated in these pages are true facts that we can support with abundant documentation. What remains to explain, is the reason why we have made this a public document.

First) The 1983 Code of Canon Law, under canons 1405 and 1406, explains that the Pope is the exclusive judge of penal cases against Cardinals and Bishops. Furthermore, under Canon 1452 §1, in matters relating to ecclesiastical crimes by Cardinals and Bishops, by Church law, the Pope is bound to hear such cases. Yet in 1996 and 1999, we filed two such complaints to Pope John Paul II, but have received no acknowledgment that His Holiness has even seen and read these documents.

The Third Complaint

Now, we send a third complaint, dated December 20, 2000. This latest document explains the need for a third recourse.

Along with this document, (please see page S3 of this issue) we had enclosed a cover letter stating respectfully that if we received no response from the Pope or his delegate within 30 days of sending the letter, we would have to presume, in charity, that the Pope had not seen the document; that somehow, this document had been blocked before it was able to arrive safely into the Holy Father’s hands.

In light of this eventuality, and because of the extreme gravity of the matter, we explained that this same December 20th document, in its entirety, would be published in various journals in the hope that with widespread distribution of the text, the Pope would learn of the document’s existence.

No Response

As of January 20, 2001, we have not received any response from Pope John Paul II or a delegate appointed by him, so we must assume the parcel containing our Legal Complaint has been blocked before he could see it. Thus, we make the document public.

Second) The abuse of power wielded by Cardinal Hoyos has been formidable and relentless. If we do nothing in the face of it, it may give the false impression that the libels he has been disseminating are true. It leaves us open to be convicted of “crimes” that we did not commit. Our appeals to Cardinal Castrill√≥n Hoyos, as explained in the document, have gotten us nowhere. Thus, we appeal to the Pope, as is the right of every Catholic according to Canon Law and the solemn teaching of the Catholic Church as proclaimed by Vatican Council I and the Second Council of Lyons. We also use this as an opportunity to defend ourselves publicly.

Third) And most important. It seems that the purpose of the campaign against this Fatima Apostolate, and against me, is to prevent the full Message of Fatima from being known and understood. No other reason makes sense, since the materials emanating from this apostolate are theologically beyond reproach. It is no secret that many priests, religious, and theologians, during today’s crisis of Faith within our Holy Church, openly teach heresy and immorality. Virtually nothing is done against them by highly-placed prelates in the Church. Yet this Fatima apostolate, which proclaims the full Message of Fatima, is singled out and targeted for harassment.

It is also no secret that our Apostolate’s constant insistence on the need to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as was requested by Our Lady of Fatima, is a cause of annoyance for some highly-placed personages in the Church. In 1992, the eminent Archbishop Rayappa Arulappa from Madras stated the following regarding our struggle:

“For several years, I have been mystified that at least three Popes (Pius XII, Paul VI and our present Pontiff, John Paul II) all partially obeyed Our Lady by consecrating the world, yet each stopped short before fulfilling the most important point, namely the collegial consecration of Russia.

“It would seem clear ... that some kind of agreement between the Vatican and Moscow continues to stand in the way. Obviously the devil, the most cunning of all creatures, seems to have lured even the Popes into a disastrous situation.

“In the final analysis, the campaign against the Consecration is really the last great effort of satan to conquer because he knows that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart means his final defeat.”

For the Love of God and Our Lady

Thus, what we are fighting for, in the end, is the right to present to the world the full message that Our Lady delivered at Fatima, undiluted by today’s ecclesiastical politics of aggiornamento. What we are fighting for, in the end, is the right to work for the Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart — a Triumph that will bring about peace in the world and the salvation of souls, according to the wishes of the Good God who sent Our Blessed Lady to Fatima with this Message of Hope.

In keeping with the ever ongoing and urgent need for The Fatima Crusader clearly defending and advancing the full Fatima Message, I also urge you to read the article “When Black is White” and the rest of this issue of The Fatima Crusader.

The Fatima Crusader Mailbox
    Dear Father Gruner,

    Just a line to let you know that we are behind you 100% in your titanic struggle to keep Our Lady's Fatima Message alive and well in the face of a completely disoriented world and blind hierarchy!

    The words spoken at La Salette over 100 years ago ring more and more true today as time goes on.

    One great consolation, though: we already KNOW that we are on the winning side since our Heavenly Mother (the Mother of Truth Itself!) has assured us that 'In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!'

    — Yolande and Jean F., Manitoba

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