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China: Present Day Threat
to World Peace

by Andrew M. Cesanek

During the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima on July 13, 1917, She spoke the following words to the three seers:

“... I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

“In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world.”1

Is the world enjoying that period of peace that is to follow the Consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as Our Lady promised? Or does the threat of world war loom on our horizon in the near future, with the real potential of various nations being “annihilated”?

An article by Frank Miller in Issue 55 of The Fatima Crusader (Autumn 1997), entitled “Special Report: China Communists Target the U.S.A.”, explained China’s modern day rise to power as the U.S. government “transferred (for profit) America’s most-guarded military technology and weapons systems to a communist power which by its own pronouncements is dedicated to global hegemony and the destruction of the United States … and allows the Chinese Red Army to establish military bases in America and in Panama at both ends of this most strategic canal.”2 Let’s see what the secular press and secular news sources have been telling us in the past few months regarding the growing threat of world war and China’s current preparations for war (with Russia’s assistance).

Threat of War in the Far East

In a September 18, 2000 WorldNetDaily report (“War on Many Fronts”), J. R. Nyquist tells us that:

“We are now hearing reports of intensive military activity in China, Iraq and North Korea. On Aug. 27 the People’s Liberation Army was ordered to deploy crack troops to bases on the Chinese coast, opposite Taiwan. ... In North Korea, despite recent talk of peace and friendship from the communists, there have been threatening deployments and ongoing troop maneuvers.”3

J. R. Nyquist goes on to tell us that, “North Korea has been building its armed forces for a number of years. According to a recent U.S. intelligence report on the North Korean threat, 70 percent of North Korea’s 1.2 million combat troops are forward deployed to within 100 kilometers of the Demilitarized zone”, outnumbering South Korea’s armies by almost two-to-one. Nyquist adds, “The possibility of a sudden and devastating bombardment, followed by an overwhelming assault, cannot be ruled out.”4 Note that China is a strong ally of North Korea.

Regarding the significance of China’s belligerent threat to Taiwan referred to in Nyquist’s article, it is first necessary to present a brief history of the relationship between China and Taiwan. The island of Taiwan, situated off the coast of China, has been an independent sovereign nation since the Chinese mainland was delivered to the Communists in 1949. Communist revolutionaries, led by Mao Tse-tung, defeated Chiang Kai-shek’s government and succeeded in driving Chiang Kai-shek and his supporters (Chinese nationalists) off the mainland. They fled to the island province of Taiwan, where Chiang Kai-shek and his supporters set up a sovereign nation. This resulted in the division of the country into Communist China (mainland) and Nationalist China (Taiwan). Chiang Kai-shek’s government was admitted into the United Nations as a full member, and the U.S. made a solemn agreement with Chiang Kai-shek to defend Taiwan’s independence with all the military aid necessary. The Communist usurpers on the mainland, however, always claimed Taiwan as ‘a part of China’ and that the Taiwanese should subject themselves to these murderous usurpers.

An article appearing in the October 17, 2000 issue of the International Herald Tribune reported that the rulers of Communist China had issued a policy paper on national defense a day earlier in which the current confrontation over Taiwan was described as “complicated and grim”. According to the Tribune (cited comments are in bold):5

1) The defense report asserts that Communist China will spend $14.6 billion (in U.S. dollars) in 2000 on ‘defense spending’, even though its people are forced to abort all their children but one because the country can’t feed them. This $14.6 billion is what Communist China admits to spending on the military — but it is most likely much higher.

2) “The report asserts that China is a peace-loving nation with no ambitions to conquer other lands. But it justifies the military buildup because of ‘hegemonism and power politics,’ code words for U.S. power in Asia, and because ‘the basis for the country’s peaceful re-unification is imperiled.’” ‘Peaceful re-unification’ is the code word for the forced take-over of Taiwan by military might if Taiwan does not give up its independence to the Communist murderers. Also, the phrase ‘no ambitions to conquer other lands’ does not tell you how they define ‘other lands’. The fact is they claim they have the right to the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. Also, Richard Maybury reports in “China Edges Closer To War” (in the February 1999 issue of Early Warning Report) that “On May 15, 1996, Chinese officials announced annexation of most of the South China Sea including areas claimed by Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei. The Spratly’s are believed to hold large oil deposits.”6

3) “Achieving political union with Taiwan is the country’s chief foreign policy goal and most of its military planning is geared toward a possible confrontation over the Taiwan Straits.” Though the Communist Chinese openly claim that this is their goal, they also have threatened mainland U.S.A. in the 1990’s and claimed territory belonging to the Philippines, etc. — not to mention their open alliance with Russia and the openly-declared goal of world domination by Communism.

4) “The report says the military modernization program was intended ‘purely for self-defense.’ But it adds that China would ‘adopt all drastic measures possible, including the use of force,’ if Taiwan declares independence, if foreign forces invade the island, or if it refuses indefinitely to discuss reunification.” It is necessary to clarify what the Chinese Communists mean by these terms. ‘Self-defense’ is the code word for finishing the communist take-over of China started in 1949 by annexing Nationalist China (Taiwan) into Communist China (mainland). ‘All drastic measures possible’ and ‘use of force’ are code words for a nuclear attack. ‘Taiwan declares independence’ means Taiwan continuing to resist enslavement by the Chinese Communists who are still in control of the mainland. ‘Foreign forces’ is the code word for the U.S. ‘Reunification’ is the code word for the enslavement of the sovereign nation of Taiwan by the Chinese Communists.

China’s Military Preparations

According to an Associated Press story of June 24, 2000, Pentagon analysts have told journalists that a “conflict between China and Taiwan involving the United States has emerged as the dominant scenario guiding [China’s military] force planning, military training and war preparation.”7 In addition, the AP story further reports, “The Pentagon and CIA both said they have evidence that Beijing is moving weapons into position to strike Taiwan.”8 The August 2000 issue of Early Warning Report reports one of the reasons for China’s belligerent threats:

“Beijing’s policy of one-child-per-family, and the Chinese preference for boys, means there is a growing mismatch between the numbers of males and females. Millions of young males are not happy about it ... China’s rulers are not stupid, they certainly expect an eruption.

“Beijing has a choice — prepare for riots and a possible revolution, or draft the surplus males into the army and aim them at surrounding countries.”9

In his article “China Prepares for War With Taiwan” (June 7, 2000), Stephan Archer tells us that two Chinese Communist high-ranking PLA (People’s Liberation Army) generals “have already been preparing civilians living in regions near the Taiwan Strait with the possibility that facilities such as airports, vehicles, factories, ports and warehouses may be taken over by the army to serve wartime needs.”10 In addition, “China has already received its first supply of twenty-four SS-N-22 Moskit or ‘Sunburn’ nuclear-capable anti-ship missiles from Russia and will be expecting a second shipment of Moskit missiles later in the year. The Moskits can wreak havoc on U.S. aircraft carriers as well as ships using Aegis management systems that may be sent to the region if war breaks out between the two Chinas.”11 These missiles will be used in Sovremenny class destroyers, which China has already purchased — and may continue to buy more — from Russia. According to Stephan Archer, China’s plan to attack Taiwan includes “the blockade of Kaoshiung port, an amphibious landing on Penghu archipelago, and a ballistic and cruise missile blitzkrieg on Taiwan’s civilian and military infrastructure.”12

A WorldNetDaily report from Charles Smith (“Terror at the Bottom of the Sea: Chinese observers aboard Kursk?”, dated September 17, 2000) tells us, “In 1999, the General Accounting Office reported that Russia is the top weapons supplier to China.” Charles Smith further reports that the second of two Russian Sovremenny destroyers built for China was observed conducting trials in the eastern Baltic at the time his article was written and is expected to be delivered to the Chinese navy this fall. The first Russian-made warship is currently being operated near Taiwan.13 Smith also tells us that:

“Each Sovremenny warship is armed with eight supersonic 3M82 Moskit sea-skimming missiles, (which) NATO code-named SS-N-22 ‘Sunburn’. According to documents obtained from the U.S. Navy using the Freedom of Information Act, the Sunburn can be armed with a nuclear warhead 10 times the power of the A-bomb used on Hiroshima.”14

In the article “Russia Arming Chinese Navy Against U.S.” (July 12, 2000), we learn that “Republican-led bipartisan members of Congress are so alarmed by this new weapon [referring to the Sovremenny warship armed with the SS-N-22 missiles] — which the Navy admits it has little ability to defend against — they are sponsoring legislation to cut off U.S. aid to Russia unless it halts all further sales of ‘this 200-kiloton nuclear-capable weapon’.” In this article, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., is quoted as saying, “The SS-N-22 is the most dangerous anti-ship missile in the Russian, and now the Chinese, fleet.”15 According to the bill introduced in Congress by Rohrabacher:

“Currently the Russian and Chinese governments are discussing the sale of two additional Sovremenny destroyers. The supersonic Moskit [SS-N-22] missile, which can be mounted on a naval or mobile land platform, was designed specifically to destroy American aircraft carriers and other warships equipped with advanced Aegis radar and battle-management systems. The United States Navy considers the missile to be extremely difficult to defend against.”16

Charles Smith’s WorldNetDaily article also reports that China deployed this year its first Sunburn-armed Tarantul III Corvette warship purchased from Russia. The Chinese navy is also reportedly planning to acquire up to a dozen more of these deadly warships from the Russian weapons-maker Vympel NPO. According to official U.S. Navy documents, each “Tarantul can deploy up to four Sunburns in a dual launcher per side configuration.”17

China is also busy upgrading its air force as well. According to Charles Smith’s article, the Chinese air force recently deployed the SU-30 strike fighter along with a growing force of SU-27 Flanker fighter jets. In addition, China’s force of the advanced Sukhoi jets is expected to increase to 275 aircraft by 2005.18 Smith quotes a recently published congressional report titled “China’s New War Fighting Skills”, which notes the increased Chinese military activity:

“During ongoing large-scale military exercises, China has demonstrated significant new joint-service war-fighting skills ‘under high-tech conditions’ that are steadily altering the balance of power in the Taiwan Strait.

“The PLA is applying U.S. military doctrine to integrate its relentlessly expanding strategic missile forces, high-performance SU-27 and SU-30 jet fighters purchased from Russia, blue-water navy ships — including a Sovremenny-class destroyer with deadly SS-N-22 anti-ship missiles, and state-of-the-art secure communications systems purchased from U.S. and other Western companies, in addition to developing advanced information and electronic warfare capabilities.”19

Smith also reports that “China is also close to finalizing a deal with Russian weapons maker Vympel to acquire the advanced R-77 air-to-air missile to arm the new fleet of Sukhoi jets. The R-77, NATO code named AA-12 ‘Adder,’ ... is considered to be one of the most advanced radar-homing missiles in the world and is, in many ways, superior to the U.S.-made AMRAAM.”

Smith adds: “China plans to manufacture the Adder missile ... PLAAF (the Chinese Communist Air Force) fighters armed with the new AA-12 missiles could easily destroy Taiwanese fighters armed with shorter range and less powerful air-to-air missiles. The AA-12 is also capable of destroying American fighter aircraft such as the U.S. Navy F-18 Hornet.”20

Smith then quotes the August 2000 congressional report on the Chinese military, which concludes “The new generation of PLA (Communist Chinese) jet fighters has made major steps to control the skies with upgraded onboard avionics, EW and radar systems.”21

One may ask how the Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army is able to learn U.S. military doctrine, referred to in Charles Smith’s article above. It’s simple — get the U.S. to teach them. According to an Aug. 28 news report by Bill Gertz of The Washington Times (“Chinese Military gets lesson in U.S. thinking”), twenty-five senior Chinese military officers recently spent two weeks at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in Boston to “hear lectures by current and former U.S. national security officials who have discussed how the United States would respond to a crisis over Taiwan.”22 This program was conducted in spite of the fact that the Chinese government has repeatedly stated in official writings, since the accidental bombing of China’s Embassy in Yugoslavia last year, that the United States is its main enemy.

Gertz reports that one U.S. national security official admitted, “The Chinese plan to use this information to manipulate the U.S. decision-making process and paralyze us during a crisis. And many of these visiting officers are involved in just that type of activity.”23 In the same article, Bill Gertz reports that the visiting officers consisted of “intelligence collectors or technology collectors”; officers from “components of the Chinese military involved in directing unconventional warfare against the United States, a key element of China’s emerging war-fighting strategy”; and colonels from the Central Military Commission (the top Communist Party organization that controls the military), the PLA general staff department; and various regional military command headquarters.24 In addition, Gertz reports:

“Officials said China does not allow similar two-week exchange programs for U.S. military officers at a major Chinese university. Visits to China by U.S. military officers are severely restricted, the officials said.”25

Yet despite these facts, Harvard provided assurances to the Chinese military that FBI counterintelligence agents involved in the surveillance of the intelligence activities carried out by these Chinese officials would be restricted from the Harvard campus.

In addition to learning U.S. military doctrine, China has also stolen numerous U.S. nuclear secrets. The U.S. House Select Committee’s Cox Report (dated May 25, 1999) revealed that China stole designs of nuclear warheads representing “classified information on every currently deployed U.S. silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM).” These warheads include: the W-56 (deployed on the Minuteman II ICBM), the W-62 (deployed on the Minuteman III ICBM), the W-70 Lance short-range ballistic missile (the “neutron bomb”, an enhanced radiation warhead having the ability to kill people without destroying buildings), the W-76 (carried by the Trident C-4 SLBM), the W-78 (deployed on the Minuteman III Mark 12A ICBM), the W-87 (deployed on the Peacekeeper ICBM), the W-88 (deployed on the Trident D-5 SLBM), and heat shields that protect nuclear warheads as they re-enter the atmosphere. The Cox Report noted that “The W-88 warhead is the most sophisticated strategic nuclear warhead in the U.S. arsenal.” The report further states that over the years China has been able to steal technology useful for developing space-based anti-satellite and anti-missile systems, space-based radar for detecting submerged submarines, and missile guidance technology that gives China the ability to accurately target most American cities.26

China’s Troop Movements

According to another article (“China Puts 700,000 Troops on Alert in Sudan”), the Aug. 27th issue of London’s Sunday Telegraph reports that “China has as many as 700,000 troops in the Sudan and is preparing to enter that country’s civil war.” The Telegraph cites an internal Sudanese military document that indicates “as many as 700,000 Chinese security personnel were available for action” to respond to the Sudan’s Islamic regime’s request that China crush the opposing forces (largely Christian) and end the country’s 17-year civil war.27 The British newspaper also reveals that “for the past three years China has been bringing Chinese nationals into the Sudan by cargo jets and boats”, under the pretense of serving as guards at the oil fields and facilities controlled by the China National Petroleum Corporation.28 The article concludes that this activity “may represent the largest movement of one army into another country that went completely undetected by other nations.” This article also warns that the “use of Chinese ‘workers’ as a military force may raise serious concerns about the growing number of Chinese illegals detected in Central America and the Caribbean.”29

Italy also has concerns about large numbers of Chinese ‘workers’ (“perhaps as many as hundreds of thousands of illegal Chinese immigrants”) crossing its borders. UPI’s press release of Aug. 12, 2000, titled “Chinese Immigrants Flooding into Italy”, reports that: “the alarm was raised by Italian press reports that large numbers of Chinese had arrived in Serbia ... and were planning to cross into Italy in search of work. The normally sober Turin paper La Stampa puts the figure at 100,000 Chinese ‘who are pressing at the frontier’.”30

Then what about the U.S.? Does the U.S. have a problem with large numbers of Chinese ‘workers’ crossing its borders? According to Stephan Archer in his Aug. 11, 2000 article for (“Chinese Enter U.S. Through Virgin Islands”), dozens of Chinese nationals illegally enter the U.S. Virgin Islands on a weekly basis, give themselves up to authorities, and get free passage to Louisiana. In less than one week recently, 75 Chinese nationals illegally entered the tiny islands of St.Thomas and St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.31

According to statistics from the Immigration and Naturalization Service office in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 16 Chinese nationals illegally entered St. Thomas in 1997, 71 in 1998, 347 in 1999, and 180 during the first six months of 2000. Archer quotes Ivan Ortiz, public affairs officer at the San Juan INS office, as saying: “When the Chinese first come to the United States — in this case, through the Virgin Islands — they want to be arrested. They walk to the authorities and say, ‘OK, we’re here illegally and we want to be arrested’.”32 Stephan Archer puts this into proper perspective for us:

“‘This is a serious problem,’ said Al Santoli, the foreign policy adviser for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif. ‘It’s not only about the illegal immigration and the violation of our borders, but it’s also a national security problem in that there are many of us who see China as not a friendly country’.”33

Archer also reports that many of the Chinese nationals illegally entering the Virgin Islands have been identified as being “young men that appear to be in their 20s and 30s. They appear to be healthy and strong...”34

Thus, between Sudan, Italy, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, we see a unique method by which China may be moving armies into other countries without detection. One final note to consider regarding China’s ability to overwhelm her enemies by sheer numbers of troops: according to “CIA – The World Factbook 2000 — China” on the Web, China has an estimated 363 million males age 15-49 available for military service, of which an estimated 199 million of those are considered fit for military service.35 Compare those numbers to the population of the U.S.

China’s Method for War

A classic example of China’s military ingenuity is described in the WorldNetDaily report “The Chinese Art of War” (August 31, 2000) by J. R. Nyquist. In this article Nyquist relates that soon after the start of the Korean War 600,000 Chinese troops amassed at the Korean border and then infiltrated into Korea. U.S. intelligence did not accept reports that hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops had slipped into Korea because they could not conceive of massive Chinese armies crossing rivers and difficult terrain unobserved, which is exactly what the Chinese did by careful troop movements, night marches, daytime hiding and tremendous troop discipline. In addition, “Tremendous pains were taken by the Chinese to disguise the size of their forces and the aggressiveness of their plans”.36

The American generals knew that some Chinese troops were present and that the Chinese government was making threats of war. Yet, they seriously underestimated the Chinese army’s strength and intentions. As a result the Chinese were able to take the Americans by surprise. In October 1950, the Chinese surrounded a battalion of the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division and engaged in hand-to-hand combat during fierce fighting in which the Chinese ultimately overran the battalion command post. In this battle, the Americans lost 600 of 800 men, the rest managing to escape. This intensity of fighting was repeated throughout Korea, and forced the U.N. armies into retreat.37

Nyquist also explains how China’s leaders often talk of peace and announce non-threatening intentions. But, as we have seen, with Russia’s help China is preparing for war. Nyquist reminds us that:

“The Chinese method is to infiltrate their soldiers into strategic areas. Chinese soldiers might enter any country as workers, security guards or even refugees. But if they are given rifles and bullets and food these ‘workers’ can be formed into regiments and divisions. Perhaps this method, which was so successful in Korea, has been applied to Sudan.”38

Perhaps, this method can also be applied to the U.S.


There is much that can be said about Russia’s own preparations for war, but the evidence cited in this article already shows that the world is not enjoying that period of peace that is to follow the Consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. The threat of world war does loom on our horizon, with the real potential of various nations being “annihilated”.

In light of the fact that China is building up as a formidable military superpower and is making belligerent threats, how can Archbishop Bertone believe that “The decision of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to make public the third part of the ‘secret’ of Fatima brings to an end a period of history marked by tragic human lust for power and evil ...”?39


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