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Holy Father,

"Do Not Abandon Russia!"

Following is an urgent appeal to the Holy Father from a Russian priest which was written in Russian and sent to The Fatima Crusader to get through to the Holy Father. Our office in Rome was able to accomplish this.

    Most Holy Father!
    Glory to Jesus Christ!

    Forgive me that I, your most unworthy servant, write to Your Holiness, but I turn to you as a son to the Father of all Christians to implore that you consider my request!

    Your Holiness, I am a Russian Catholic Priest. I have taken the liberty of sending copies of this letter to various people in the West in the hopes that my words might reach you, for I am not reckoning with human prudence, but with the Providence of God! Your Holiness, my people suffer because of ignorance and schism, because of poverty both physical and material!

    Humanly speaking we have no hope! You have the only means to help us: Holy Father I beg of you to do as the Mother of God has asked you! I beg you, Holy Father, to consecrate Russia by name to Her Immaculate Heart with all the bishops as She asked at Fatima. The 8th of October is our only hope; even here we have heard about it!

    I know that Russia needs exorcism and blessing, not human ideology and compromise. Do not abandon Russia, Holy Father!

    Assuring Your Holiness of my humble prayers I remain, Your devoted servant and son,

    Father V.

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