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The Vatican’s commentary on the Third Secret and the press conference at the Vatican on June 26 were carefully aimed at convincing the world that the Message of Fatima is a thing of the past. Communism is dead, we are told. The publication of the Secret “brings to end a period of history marked by tragic human lust for power and evil,” wrote Msgr. Bertone for the Vatican.

Yes, we can all go to sleep now, or simply concentrate on our own prayers and personal holiness, which is “what remains” of the Message of Fatima, according to Cardinal Ratzinger — who also tells us that Sister Lucy may have borrowed the images of the vision of the Third Secret from devotional books she read as a child.

And let us speak no more of the conversion of Russia, for the Consecration has been done and no one may ever again suggest otherwise, says Msgr. Bertone. Can we not see that Russia is converting?

Many Catholics are deeply dissatisfied with this minimalist interpretation of the Message of Fatima, but few of them are in a position to make their voices heard. Father Gruner is one of us who can be heard — all the way to the Vatican. He will not stop asking the hard questions and seeking the truth. He poses, therefore, a very great obstacle to the final burial of Our Lady of Fatima.

This explains why, as we go to press, Father Gruner has received an ultimatum. Issued only days before the June 26 press conference, it comes from the same Vatican bureaucrats who want us to believe that Fatima is finished. The ultimatum is very simple: Be silent, Father Gruner. Return illegally to a foreign diocese which has never needed you for the past 24 years, and live there as an illegal alien and a pauper until the day you die. And if you do not comply, we will excommunicate you.

Yes, they threaten Father Nicholas Gruner with excommunication. In a suffering Church which is swarming with heretical and immoral priests and nuns on every continent, Father Gruner is the only priest since Vatican II who has been threatened with expulsion from the Body of Christ. Not even Hans Kung was excommunicated. On the contrary, he remains a priest of the Diocese of Basle, Switzerland, from which locale he merrily participates in the United Religions Initiative, which seeks to form a one-world syncretistic religion.

And what has Father Gruner done to warrant this threat of excommunication? Why, nothing, of course. Nothing, that is, except to preach the Message of Fatima without compromise or “deconstruction” at a time when Fatima has become politically incorrect and an embarrassment to the Vatican apparatus.

Father Gruner will resist this threat, and we will stand behind him as he does so. Please read his reply (Letter to Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos) to the threat against him, and join your prayers with ours in the struggle to defend this good priest and his work for Our Lady of Fatima.

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